1. “My daughter has improved her game tremendously with the help of Missy’s commitment to improving the skills of the girls in her clinics, upbeat and enthusiastic attitude, and love of the game. During recent try-outs for travel teams in our town, we were watching passing, dribbling and shooting skills, which were new and amazing! Thank you Missy!!!…..and we mean it!!”
Suzanne Foley
Daughter Lauren, 5th grade

2. “As a pre Title IX athlete, and someone who has been playing basketball for the past 60 years, I never had the opportunity to attend a basketball camp. I had followed Missy Traversi’s career since her playing days at Bishop Feehan High School and when I heard she was back in the area and beginning her Elite Basketball Training I didn’t hesitate to contact her. When I first approached Missy in 2007 and asked if I could be one of her campers at her summer program I never anticipated what was to follow. It was a wonderful experience, learning along side of elementary, middle and high school students. These young athletes welcomed me as one of the campers. Age made no difference.
Word spread of the opportunity Missy had provided for me and she was asked to conduct a one-day instructional clinic for senior women basketball players ages 50 and older at Wesleyan University in CT. 
MIssy is an accomplished basketball player who is giving back to the community where she grew up and to surrounding communities as well. She is truly dedicated to those she works with, both young and old and has a special talent for getting the best out of her athletes. Thanks Missy!!!”
Sheila McKenna-Connecticut High Fives Senior Women’s Basketball

3. “Missy Traversi Elite Basketball Training has been a wonderful experience for my two daughters. My girls have attending Missy’s Elite Training for a couple of years and enjoy the all-female environment the camp provides as it allows everyone to focus on basketball. Missy’s charismatic personality and extensive basketball knowledge motivate all of the girls to perform at their highest level. Each day they return from camp excited to discuss the new conditioning, offensive and defensive strategies they learned. “
Paul Bisson~parent
• Sudbury Girl’s Midget Coordinator 2005 – 2007
• Sudbury Girl’s Travel Basketball Coach 2006 – 2008

4. “I can’t say enough about you and your training. You have made a huge impact on my daughter Lexi. She looks up to you, and you have given her a desire to push herself in her training and development. Every time I tell her to get ready to go to your training, she says, I’m all ready, and she’s excited to go. Lexi says it’s hard work, but she loves it. Please keep us updated on all of your training and clinics.
Thank you for taking the time out to care about Lexi’s future in basketball. I can tell that you truly care about the girl’s development. You take pride in what you help sculpture in these girls.”
Thanks again,
Kerri Martin~ parent

5. “Missy Traversi’s Elite Basketball Training program has excelled our daughter’s game in every way. Yet the most compelling aspect of her teachings is the ability to motivate players to reach deep within themselves and give everything they have to the lesson. My daughter is always exhausted after, but loves each and every moment on the court with Missy.”
Lee Schrader
Father of Sierra
Hopedale, 8th grade

6. Hi Missy, I wanted to let you know how much my girls and I enjoy your camps and clinics. With players in Elementary, Middle and High School, it’s great to find a program that offers training for all of them. Your innovative drills challenge the players and do so in a way that is new and refreshing. The time is fully maximized and the girls are getting a solid workout. Your enthusiasm resonates to the players, helping to make a tough workout extremely enjoyable. It’s nice to see them walking off the court with red faces and smiles. You make training both productive and fun.
Mike Sheehan

7. “Missy is a lot of fun! She has really cool drills. She works us really and always encourages us to do our best. Working with Missy has given me more confidence. This is the best basketball camp I have ever done!” Emily Melick, 5th Grade Sudbury

8. ” Missy Traversi is a true inspiration and role model to my daughter. She works the girls really hard at each session and does this with a positive tone to her voice and a smile on her face. Missy has helped my daughter’s confidence grow- not only in basketball, but every aspect of her life!”
Michelle Melick~ parent from Sudbury

9. “My daughter enrolled in the Attleboro YMCA basketball camp this summer, which was coached by Missy Traversi. At age 7 this was her first introduction to the sport. On our ride home each afternoon she would share with me her favorite drill of the day and I would see her practicing out in front of our house each afternoon with the basketball. Basketball quickly became the topic at dinnertime and she wanted to sleep with her basketball next to her bed…” like Missy did.”
It was incredible to see how quickly her skills developed in one week’s time. From dribbling to shooting as well as a heightened level of self-awareness and confidence. Colleens also spoke about team spirit, “GO SHAMROCKS”. In fact, she enjoyed the program so much that on the last day when I picked her from camp I noticed she was crying in the back seat as we drove home. When I asked her what was the matter she said,” she didn’t want basketball camp to end.” As a working mom what more could I ask for than to know my child is safe, valued and enjoying herself so much that she wanted to get up in the morning and go to camp.
Colleen has since participated in-group clinics and one-on-one coaching and each one these programs has made an amazing and positive difference in her love for the sport and her life. With that in mind I highly recommend all of Missy Traversi’s Elite Basketball Training Programs for any child with an interest in learning the proper techniques of ball handling or just wants to have fun.
Missy is a dedicated mentor committed to the success of each child that participates in her program. Thank you Missy.”
 Debbie & Jon Carroll
Colleen 2nd Grade Attleboro

10. “Missy Traversi is an awe-inspiring basketball player, and the type of coach who you want your daughter to spend lots of time around. Missy stresses the fundamentals of basketball, not just the “W.” With her engaging personality and commitment to “give back” to young girls, Missy is the ONLY coach who works to develop the “whole” child, not just the athlete. Our daughter has grown tremendously under her guidance.”
~ Robyn and Michael Wood

11. Missy’s camp has been very fun over the last two years and I hope to keep going to them. Not only was this a fun camp but the things she taught us are helpful. This camp is for people who want to learn, work hard, and have a blast. Missy is a very fun person and whether you are a beginner or you are advanced she is never there to criticize, she is there to teach. Usually at  the end of the whole camp you will play some fun games to earn prizes and show off your new moves! So, if you like basketball, you want to get better, and you want to have some fun, you should definitely go to Missy Traversi’s camp! 🙂  ~Jenny Crowell


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